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Artistic research event

Running Position and Sitting Position

The Path from unconscious to consciousness

Golnaz Bashiri

Live Running Practice, 17. 06. 2020, 10:00 - 11:30. Hernals. Himmelmutterweg. Grünbeckweg. 1170. Vienna, Austria


When the decision is taken by a person, it is the conscious action, which brings new possibilities to shift from unconscious thoughts and fears to the progressive process. The action of ‘Running’ is not only the movement from place A to place B rather it also involves dynamic mental changes through the thinking process.

This thesis directs the viewer’s attention to the duality and also the relative relationship between two actions, ‘Running’ and ‘Sitting’.

What's easier to train, a cat or a human?


Rosie Benn,


From the garden, 2020


The Lecture-Performance explores ethical paradoxes encountered when raising cats. A backyard garden ecosystem and cat food packaging are analyzed in relation to cultural and legal constructions of so-called animal and human interrelations. Props are used as cues to trigger stories about the ontology of everyday artefacts. Elements of strain and contradiction are embraced rather than hidden, when delving into this personal interpretation of the current ecological and social crisis.  


Parallel to the Performace-Lecture; primary and secondary research, in the form of heterogeneous material manifested into a story of critical reflection and fantasy. Excerpts of the story as well as a bibliography for the project can be found via the following link

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