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Film (13 mins)
Camera and editing by Rosie Benn
Music and sound editing by Kit Wilmans Fedagroe


How can solidarity with other living beings take place on a site where food is produced for humans?

The film limen weaves a story of interspecies collaboration and also its limits. Film is used here as an artistic method to conversing ethics. Notes of materiality, and embodiment in situation and place are cultivated as receptors for multispecies signaling and knowledge production. It opens up current perspectives within biocyclic-vegan agriculture. The material of visits to farms are combined with an abstract compilation of theoretical inspirations. The work is part ethnographic fiction and part video poem. Images and the entities within them invite the viewer to question conventional visuals and narratives often used to depict the lives of animals living on sites where farming takes place. Through the poetics of moving image and sound there is a disruption to the concept of anthropocentric values around food production, soil animals and tricky stories of grapes hint at entangled relations. While the view of the camera lens is intuitive and curious, the human perspective of the film-maker is taken into consideration through the use of collage and diy aesthetic. The current socio-ecological crisis poses an opportunity to acknowledge our interdependencies with other animals and those part of the greater ecosystem. It is this avenue of interrelationality that the work engages in. Drawing on the work of ‘Animals as Legal Beings’ by Maneesha Deckha in which the classic autonomous legal subject is challenged and rather a vulnerable subject model (Mackenzie 2014) (Fineman 2008), based on Feminist Care Theory is put forward.

Maneesha, Deckha (2021): Animals as Legal Beings: Contesting Anthropocentric Legal Orders, University of Toronto Press, Toronto Buffalo London.
Mackenzie, C, Rogers, W, Dodds, S. (2014): Vulnerability: New Essays in Ethics and Feminist Philosophy, Oxford University Press.
Fineman, Martha A. (2008): The Vulnerable Subject: Anchoring Equality in the Human Condition, Yale Journal of Law and Feminism.




Centre for Human Animal Studies (CfHAS)

Edge Hill University

Multispecies Storytelling Network

Liverpool, 2022



Frankfurt, 2022


agri_culture at Zukunftshof

Vienna, 2022


der Berliner Landestierschutzbeauftragten

Berlin, 2022

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