Weird Sisters

A performance by the immersive theater collective RIFT. Exploring the weird sisters of Macbeth in relation to an exhibition titled 'Witches and Wicked Bodies' at The British Museum. The piece aimed to investigate patterns within herd mentality with regards to mystification and othering.


Durational performance

The British Museum

London, 2014


Durational performance

Richmix Theater

London, 2014

Producer                   Dominique Bull,

Co-Producer             Rosie Benn

Head Designer         Rosie Benn

Design Team            Isobel Jones, Zoe Williams

Lighting Designer    Robert Cooke

Actors                       Dominique Bull, Rosean

                                  Lynch, Louise Torres-  

                                  Ryan, Charleton O'connor,

                                  Katie O'connor, Jason 

                                  Imlach, Hannah Elsy,

                                  Kirsty Scotter, Tara

                                  Mcenery, Alex Marlow.

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